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Home Care: the preferred & most affordable long-term care option

Lovely Patient and DoctorOne out of two North Dakotans will need long-term care sometime during their lives. North Dakota ranks 7th in the nation in the highest proportion of individuals age 85 and older, with 14.2% of the population made up of individuals 65 and older. If you have a spouse, the overall risk that one of you will need long-term care during your lifetime is 65%. It’s only smart to make decisions for yourself and your loved ones as to what you will do when more care is needed than a family can give.

When the Time Comes

Of course, you won’t know until the time comes how much care will be required, but knowing what’s available for all levels of care can help you start looking and preparing financially now for the various long-term care options you may need. See our blog “Is Long-Term Care Insurance Right for Me?” to learn more about one financial-planning alternative.

We compared the four types of long-term care and have compiled an estimate as to what each of them will cost as of the beginning of 2017based on the 2016 average. However, depending on which part of ND you live in and your individual care needs, costs can vary widely. Don’t take our word for it. Use this information as a basis to make some calls and compare services and costs for yourself.

Nursing Facilities

Most residents of a nursing facility are admitted after a hospital stay or directly from their homes. They need 24-hour skilled nursing care for complex medical needs. The average length of stay is less than a year.

  1. The average cost of a room for one day in a nursing facility was $258.78 or x 30 days = $7,763.40 per month. Nursing facilities are allowed to charge extra for a private room and services. The average daily additional charge for a private room was $13.31 but varied based upon size and location of the room.

A list of ND Nursing Facilities and the cost range from low to high can be found here. It comes from the ND Dept. of Human Services – Division of Medical Services. The list includes these Bismarck facilities and their cost range as of 1/1/17:

  • Bismarck Baptist Health Care Center $196.66 – $551.32
  • Bismarck Good Samaritan Society, Bismarck             $211.27 – $628.96
  • Bismarck Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center $193.00 – $633.74
  • Bismarck Sanford Health, St. Vincent’s Care Center $181.47 – $622.21
  • Bismarck St. Gabriel’s Community $220.93 – $639.79

Assisted Living Facilities

Assistance with daily care, social opportunities and activities, and the need for supervision are the top issues considered when moving into an assisted living facility. Most offer a full range of services from bathing to medication management to hospice care, but the level and cost of services can vary from place to place.

  1. The average charge for rent in a one-bedroom assisted living facility was $2,341 per month, with a very broad range of $923 to $4,380 per month. Not included in rent is an average service package of $1,017, with a range of $13 to $4,000 per month. Some facilities have fixed services fee, while others charge on a sliding scale, based on the level of care needed.

The cost of assisted living is dependent on the size of the living space, the location in North Dakota, and the amenities in the rental package. Most tenants pay for rent and services from their own private funds, with long-term care insurance assisting in 23% of the cases.

Basic Care Facilities

A basic care facility provides 24-hour supervision in residential-type private and semi-private rooms. Most residents need assistance and supervision and suffer from confusion. An all-inclusive rate provides room, meals, personal care services, supervision, activities, transportation, medication administration, nursing assessment and care planning.

  1. The average cost of basic care was $3,668 per month, with a range of $2,300 to $5,100 per month. More than half (57%) of the residents living in basic care need Medicaid or other assistance to pay for their care. Only 10% of residents have LTC insurance.

One-third of reporting basic care facilities charge extra for a private room. The average additional daily cost for a private room is $8.53 per day, with a range of $1.18 to $25.00 per day. A little over half (56%) of the reporting Basic Care Facilities charge the private-pay residents more than those on assistance. Of those charging more, the range was 1 cent per day to $82.00 per day.

Home Care

For seniors who would like to live in their own homes, but who require assistance with daily living activities, home care is a great option. Agency services are provided based on individual needs. Care provided can be as little as one-hour-per visit or 24-hours-a-day. Care can be provided by a companion, certified home health aide or registered nurse depending on individual needs. The cost varies based on frequency of care and certification level of the caregiver.

  1. The average hourly rate for in-home care across the state is $25 per hour. The average daily rate for 24-hour care is $300 per day. For more information on the cost of in-home care services in North Dakota, visit http://www.dibbern.com/home-health-care-costs/cost-for-north-dakota-home-health-care.htm

Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care offers services ranging from skilled-nursing care to housekeeping. Home health aides can assist with daily activities such as bathing, continence, dressing and grooming, housekeeping, shopping and companionship. Skilled nursing care can be provided by an RN or LPN when ordered by a physician for a patient with a chronic condition requiring ongoing medical care.

Every situation is different. Be sure the home care agency you choose assigns an experienced registered nurse to visit your home, evaluate and assess the patient’s and the family’s needs, and draft an individualized plan of care.

Never too Soon

It’s never too soon to learn more about the facilities and services that will be available as you or a loved one ages and needs more assistance. The following resources and others available online will help you to formulate a plan for now or for the future:





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