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PRESS RELEASE: DTN Home Care Partners with Proximal 50 for In-Home Physical Therapy

Proximal 50Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care is pleased to announce that in July of 2016, we began a unique collaboration with Proximal 50, a comprehensive wellness center committed to making positive changes in health and quality of life for clients. They provide customizable health and wellness services, including physical therapy in the home for DTN Home Care clients who are home-bound. They are our exclusive, recommended provider of in-home physical therapy.

This partnership allows us to tailor our physical therapy services more effectively, especially in the area of tools and resources. We also are expanding our combined services to include post-surgical clients and tailored programs for clients with various disease states such as MS, Parkinson’s and dementia. We are excited about the additional support system that Proximal 50 provides, in addition to our blending of services.

DTN HC works with Proximal 50 to ensure that clients get the physical therapy they need. Required documentation and open and easy communication help us work together for the good of our clients. Proximal 50 shares our philosophy of keeping home an option for our clients. “P50 does not have members…we have clients. This means that all clients will get individual attention and guidance throughout their lifelong wellness journey, to ensure safety and effectiveness.” Our collaborative services are a blending of good people providing good services. We also share a common goal of reaching the community through education, wellness programs and advocacy.

VA clients require a physician’s order to receive physical therapy benefits. Clients who choose to participate in therapy classes or to be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist do not need a physician’s referral. When they see a need, our care givers will recommend physical therapy by Proximal 50 to their clients, who should then check with a physician before beginning any exercise program. P50 notifies a client’s physician of their evaluation and provides updates on the care plan, as needed. Their care plans are a part of our overall care plans for patients who can benefit from this kind of therapy. 

We believe in Proximal 50’s philosophy that “Pain is not normal. You shouldn’t have to just ‘live with it’ or ‘work through it.’ Our therapists strive to improve mobility, restore function, prevent injury, and provide less invasive treatment options while reducing overall healthcare expenses and offering an individualized and custom treatment plan.”  

If you or your loved one wants to take advantage of in-home physical therapy opportunities made possible by our unique partnership with Proximal 50, please call our office at 701-663-5373. We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the benefits of in-home physical therapy.

Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care is licensed by the North Dakota Department of Health to provide in home healthcare services. We are locally owned and operated in Mandan, ND. We provide in home nursing care, home health aide care and at home companion care.

Call (701) 663-5373 today for a free consultation!



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