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Keeping home an option!

Watch Over Your Loved One in the “Family Room”

Asian old couple using tabletThe “Family Room” is an online site that is used as a communication tool for our caregivers and authorized family members of our clients. It enhances peace of mind in the care of patients and loved ones. DTN Home Care offers FREE access to this site to all of our clients.


Authorized users have access to:

  • Schedule Calendars – to view upcoming shifts, scheduled caregivers and past care logs.
  • Daily Care Logs – to review tasks and hear updates from caregivers in real time.
  • Invoice Tab – to review current and past invoices with ease.
  • Caregiver profiles and pictures – to get to know your caregivers better.

The Family Room’s caregiver profiles and pictures allow family members to visually see who is taking care of their loved one on a daily basis. Following each shift, caregivers leave meaningful comments in The Family Room regarding the client’s well-being. This goes a long way toward giving family members peace of mind. It is especially helpful for family caregivers who may live hours or states away from their loved one.

Other features include:

  • Automated registration
  • Automated password management
  • Easy login

The Family Room makes it easy to stay connected – even long-distance.  Reassuring your loved one that you will have complete access to his daily care records can soothe nerves and fears and make the transition to home care go more smoothly.

By visiting The Family Room, any concerns can be addressed quickly and effectively, ensuring that small issues don’t escalate into major problems. You can make your expectations known right from the start. This will help your loved one build confidence in his or her caregiver.

Here’s how it works:

The system identifies clients by their home phone or cell phone number. When the caregiver arrives for their scheduled shift, they use the client’s telephone to dial a toll free number to clock in for the shift and to review the assigned tasks. Then, before clocking out at the end of the shift, the caregiver uses the telephone system again from the client’s designated phone to log tasks that were completed and to record a message for the family regarding the shift and the client’s well-being.

Additional benefits

Accurate billing – by requiring the caregivers to clock in and out on the telephony system in the client’s home, clients are ensured that they are billed only for the hours that the caregiver is clocked in. There is no room for error.

Missed clock in alerts – the on-call nurse receives a text message if a caregiver does not clock in within 15 minutes of the scheduled shift.

Case Management – To ensure follow-up when there are any concerns reported, a registered nurse oversees client care daily. The nurse reviews logged tasks, incomplete tasks and caregiver messages, In addition to tracking completion of individual tasks, The Family Room can provide proof as to whether or not the caregiver is actually at your loved one’s home. This gives you the peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the best possible commitment and care. When you feel secure about the home care arrangement, your feelings will translate to your loved one.

To learn more about the services provided through DTN Home Care and how access to our FREE Family Room portal enhances the home care experience for family members and professional caregivers, contact us today at 701.663.5373.




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