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Home Care Services at Assisted/Senior Living Centers

Senior With NurseOn December 13th, 12 days before Christmas, the 86-year-old wife of my 95-year-old father fell on a slippery sidewalk miles from home and was rushed to the hospital with a dislocated knee cap. The doctors couldn’t get the knee cap to stay where it belonged and predicted 4-5 days in the hospital, perhaps surgery, a hip-to-ankle brace and several weeks in rehab.

In addition to the professional home healthcare Dad, a diabetic, receives, his wife did many things for him that he couldn’t do for himself. Even before the fall, it was becoming more and more difficult for her to take care of him. After just a couple of days of seeing what he could and couldn’t do for himself at home and how much his wife had been doing for him, we decided that it was time for him to move to assisted living. We found we could choose that level of care, because he was able to continue receiving the same professional home healthcare services in his new home:

  • A home health nurse comes in every morning to check his blood sugar and administer insulin
  • The same nurse gives him his morning meds, keeps his pill boxes full and orders refills
  • A home health aide comes in 3 times a week to help him shower and shave
  • A Physical Therapist comes in twice a week to help Dad maintain his strength

All of these services are prescribed by his physician and are paid for by Medicare. In just the week before Christmas, we were able to look at several facilities near his home and ours, pick one, have the necessary evaluation performed by the facility, fill out and acquire all the paperwork required, buy furniture and get it and Dad moved in to his new home, and have his home care services switched to the new place on move-in day.

I’ve also learned that it’s impossible to know exactly what services your loved one will need until he/she is in the new environment and doesn’t have someone with them 24/7. We have had to add more services to Dad’s care as we go along.

Even though this move has been something Dad knew he needed even before the accident, it has been a difficult adjustment for him, and he misses his wife terribly. But even her family agrees this is the right choice for both of them for now. While her knee was being repaired, she suffered several setbacks, even having to undergo bowel surgery, so she spent three weeks in the hospital before she could be moved to rehab. She still has a long recovery ahead of her.

Dad and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, so we didn’t have the option of choosing Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care, but if we did live in North Dakota we would have had that choice. When I told my story to my friend, Beverly Unrath, DTN Home Care VP, she informed me, “We frequently provide home care services to residents of assisted living centers.”

Beverly told me some of the circumstances where DTN Home Care is currently providing home care services to residents of assisted living centers:

  1. We provide 24-hour nursing care to one resident of an assisted living center in Mandan, ND, who requires constant blood sugar monitoring and sliding scale insulin.
  2. We provide care to some residents at another assisted living center who require a two-person transfer.
  3. We provide care to residents in memory care facilities who require 24-hour safety supervision when they are a fall risk.
  4. We provide care to residents who qualify for hospice services, because this level of service cannot be provided by personnel in the assisted living center.
  5. We provide post-injury or post-surgical care on a temporary basis also.

Several assisted and independent living centers in North Dakota already refer families to DTN Home Care as an alternative to moving a resident, when the care required exceeds what the center can provide. This unique service offered by DTNHC to assisted and independent living centers is becoming more and more popular, because it allows for more independence and autonomy without having to move your loved one to a skilled nursing facility.

Making the decision to move an elderly parent out of the home is never an easy one, but it can be made easier when the family knows that the quality home care the loved one is used to can follow them wherever they go. It may require lead time for DTNHC to provide the right fit for the client. If you are considering moving your loved one to an assisted or independent living center, please don’t delay in calling us to set up a free consult and to learn more about the wide spectrum of services offered through Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care.



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