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Keeping home an option!

Holiday Greetings from DTN Home Care

happy_holidays_1920December is a time of celebration and reflection. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or just the advent of a New Year, you probably spend some time reflecting on the past year and what this time of year has meant to you in years gone by.

As we at DTN Home Care look back over the past year, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the wonderful, selfless and professional care that our employees have given to so many deserving and needy people. We’re grateful for the trust you have put in us in order to help you take care of your loved ones and yourself. So many heartwarming stories come to mind. We wish we could share them with you. As our clientele grows and the services we are able to offer increase, we look into the future with excitement. Our passion to “Help Keep Home an Option” continues to grow.

We hope that the Holidays and the coming year include many joyful activities with family and friends. Our greatest wish is to be of service to you and make easier any healthcare challenges you or your loved ones may encounter. Please let us know how we can be of service to you during the Holidays and all through the coming year.

Sincerely, Beverly Unrath and all of the staff members at DNT Home care

Keep Home an Option

Keep Home an Option



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