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Keeping home an option!

Meet Stacy Bullinger, Care Coordinator for DTN Home Care, Inc.

StacyStacy Bullinger, LPN, is the first point of contact for all new DTN Home Care clients, and in her words, she goes through the Who, What, Where, When and Why with them before we start care. I’ve asked her to
tell you about herself and what she does.
Beverly Unrath, DTN Home Care V.P.

My role as care coordinator is similar to that of a good detective. I gather the information that helps DTN Home Care create the best plan of care for our clients. I am the person who finds the answers to the 5-W’s (Who, What, When, Where and Why). It’s not always easy for people who need care or even for their family members to talk in helpful terms about what we can do for them. It’s my job to encourage them to talk openly and honestly about the condition of the person who is ill and the needs that family members and other caregivers have in order to keep this person comfortable and safe at home without exhausting themselves.

As a detective and concerned care coordinator who works to answer the 5-W’s, here’s what I look for:

  • Who? is the person seeking home care. We want to develop a detailed picture of the individual and their support system so that we can best serve their individual needs.
  • What? is the diagnosis, health history, and other circumstances that have brought the client to this point.
  • When? is the date the person needs to start care and for what duration of time. Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care offers a wide range of services, from 2-hour visits to 24-hour care.
  • Where? is the client’s home. Some of our clients live in urban areas like Bismarck, others are in more remote rural areas. Some clients need services in a single-family home, while others might reside in an apartment or living complex.  We have the capability of servicing all of these individuals regardless of the location of the place they call “home.”
  • Why? is one of the most important questions. I try to get a really good idea of how the individual and the support group feel about having home care.

Once I have gathered all of this information, I am ready to get to work on putting together an action plan for providing care. This includes:

  • Working with our Registered Nurse to complete an assessment for the client
  • Identifying caregivers
  • Developing a schedule for care
  • Reaching out to other community support resources, such as equipment rental companies and meal programs.

Discovery is an exciting process!  Each client has their own unique 5-W’s. I find it very rewarding getting to know each individual and being a part of putting together care that allows them to stay in their homes.  As Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, “There is no place like home.” 

More about Stacy
Occupation: Licensed Practical Nurse
Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Metropolitan State University and Licensed Practical Nurse Diploma from Pine Technical College
Background: Born and raised in the Twin Cities, relocated to Bismarck in December 2011. I enjoy spending my “spare” time fishing and camping on the Missouri river with my husband, Eric, and children Eric Jr., 15 yrs.; Peyton, 7 yrs.; Olivia, 5 yrs. 

By Stacy Bullinger



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