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First Day of School!

First day of school cropped

Today was the first day of the school year for my 1st grade daughter, Alli and my 4th grade son, Ethan. 

Alli was so excited this morning.  She jumped out of bed, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, put on a pretty bow, packed her back pack and sat with her shoes on, backpack on and a smile on her face for the next 30 minutes until it was time to go. 

Ethan got the first day jitters starting last night before bed.  I had to pull him out of bed and coax him to eat breakfast, get dressed and brush his teeth.  I could see the agony on his face when we arrived at the school.  You can see it to in the photo I took.  Poor thing!

As I drove away, I reflected on the differences between my two children.  Alli is a strong extrovert and Ethan is a solid introvert.  I am an extrovert as I love to engage with people.  My husband is an introvert and prefers to be with familiar people.  We have to parent our children differently because of their different personalities.  For example, I bought Alli new clothes, new shoes, new lunch box, a new back pack and hair accessories for the new school year.  I only took Ethan school shopping for his classroom supplies, because I know he doesn’t like change and using the same lunch box and same back pack would give him a sense of familiarity.  Believe me, it helped!  Alli does everything herself and prefers I not prompt her, she takes pride in doing things on her own.  She also likes multiple choices.  Ethan likes me to pick out his clothes and pack his lunch, he is grateful for my help.  Too many choices stress him out. 

Then I started thinking of what I think is one of the greatest benefits of home health care.  Home health care provides individualized care to people in the comfort of their own home.   Home care clients get to choose their own caregiver(s).  They get to choose when and what to eat for meals and snacks.  They can be as independent as they want to be.  Studies have shown that these freedoms increase quality of life and life expectancy. 

At Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care, we take great care in developing individualized care plans for each of our clients.  We spend time getting to know the client’s preferences during our assessment so we can match up clients and caregivers based upon their interests and needs.  I strongly encourage you to consider home care for yourself or a loved one when they are in need of assistance with daily living activities.  It will give them the independence and quality of life they deserve.

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