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Community Resources for Patients and Caregivers

10101047_sRecently, I met with Kelly Mattis, Regional Care Consultant for The Alzheimer’s Association, to learn about the local services they provide for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and for their caregivers.  Their goal is to help people with memory loss symptoms through the diagnosis process and care coordination, and to provide education for family caregivers and professionals. Kelly provided a wealth of information that could help in many different care-giving situations.

I also met with Sarah Brown, Community Care Coordinator for Northland. They provide care coordination for available in-home assistance programs such as delivered meals, home care or therapy.  There is no cost to participate, but eligibility requirements for this service are:

  • Be 55 years or older and enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid
  • Have at least one of the following:
    • Chronic health conditions
    • History of falls
    • Hospitalization in the past year
    • Need help with bathing, grooming, moving about, medications, or other healthcare needs.
    • Want help or guidance with managing your health care in an effort to promote your independence and improve your quality of life.

Other valuable local resources:

North Dakota Department of Human Services provides home and community-based support services and long-term care programs. See a list and description of the services here.

The Family Caregiver and Support Program offers assistance to help relieve some of the financial and emotional burdens associated with providing home healthcare.

AARP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping older Americans achieve lives of independence, dignity, and purpose. Anyone over the age of 50 can join.

Easter Seals offers services on behalf of the elderly and persons with disabilities. Among their services are respite care, advocacy, supportive home care, and individualized supportive living arrangements.

IPAT, the Interagency Program for Assistive Technology, delivers services so people with disabilities can get the assistive technology they need for work, school, and home.

NDAD provides financial assistance to individuals who have disabilities, when no other resources are available. They also provide information and referral and advocacy services to those with disabilities.

Burleigh County Senior Adults promotes better health and well-being by providing nutritionally sound meals, options counseling, and health maintenance services.

Prescription Connection is a program of the North Dakota Insurance Department that connects qualified, low-income people with discount prescription drugs, direct from the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Protection & Advocacy is a state agency whose purpose is to advocate for, and protect the rights of people with disabilities. The Project can give information about rights and what can be done to enforce those rights. Protection and Advocacy has programs to serve people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other types of disabilities. All services are free to qualified individuals.

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program is a multi-faceted program offering volunteer opportunities for person age 60 or older, and providing supportive person-to-person services to other adults who want to live independently.  Companions:

  • Offer one-to-one support
  • Read and write letters
  • Offer respite care
  • Shop and arrange for transportation
  • Are a friend
  • Work on home budgeting
  • Fill out forms for needed services
  • Do arts and crafts
  • Talk and listen

DTN Home Care provides home health care services to individuals that require skilled nursing care or assistance with daily living activities. We also help our clients find community resources that provide financial relief. To inquire about in home health care from DTN Home Care and other resources available to you or a loved one, call 701.663.5373.

If you have an experience with caregiving that you would like to share, or if you have used other resources that you think would be helpful to caregivers, we would like to hear from you. We will share applicable comments in our blog.

By Beverly Unrath

Vice President

Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care, Inc.

Office:  701.663.5373      Cell:  701.202.8564




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  1. Sylvia

    Thank you so much for the information and caring thoughts. I did meet with Sarah Brown yesterday at Mom’s apartment and things went well. They will be helping her out in many areas which made Mom quite happy. Again, thank you for the referral and God Bless!


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