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Home Health Care Is a Labor of Love


Caring for people in their homes is a labor of love that requires an experienced person who possesses a set of intrinsic qualities that qualifies him or her for the job. If you are looking for such a person, DTN Home Care can make this important decision easier.

At DTNHC, our caregivers are our most valuable asset. We carefully verify credentials, references, and experience, and we perform background checks on all applicants. In addition to in-depth interviews, skill assessments, we also evaluate their compassion, integrity, and reliability.

Joan, an LPN for DTNHC pictured here, shared her feelings about her job. “I’ve been a caregiver for 35 years. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a nurse. I worked my way up from CNA, to CMA, respite care, and then a nursing degree. I love to work with families and to help people be the best they can be physically, mentally and spiritually. Home healthcare is so important because it enables people to be at home with their families, and have more interaction with friends. People thrive in a home environment where their medical, psychological and emotional needs are met. They don’t have to give up their belongings, the food they are used to eating or the comfortable surroundings they are used to. As a caregiver, working in a home environment is rewarding and challenging. I work with family members, friends and other health care professionals. I believe that home healthcare is the ideal solution for many people.”

The mission of DTNHC is to provide the highest quality, individualized and affordable health care services to clients in the comfort of their homes, improving their health and ensuring their safety and wellbeing. 

We continuously improve our services through evaluation, education, and training. Our programs include mentoring, instruction, written exams, hands-on-skills lab work, and supervised time in the field prior to independent assignments. All caregivers also undergo annual skill evaluations to demonstrate their competency, and they have access to on-going in-service programs and continuing education. All of our caregivers are supervised by a registered nurse who makes regular home visits to ensure the health and safety of our clients. We allow you to interview the caregiver before they are assigned to care for you or your family membered, if you choose to do so.

Why work with DTN Home Care vs. hiring a caregiver directly? Our agency is insured and bonded for your protection. Hiring a caregiver on your own can create a legal liability.  We also do annual DMV checks on caregivers that transport clients and require they carry insurance with minimum state liability limits.  We take care of all the paperwork and taxes that are involved with hiring in-home help. If a caregiver is ill or unable to make it to work for any reason, we do the work to find a replacement, so the patient is not left alone.  To inquire about in-home health care from DTN Home Care, call 701.663.5373.

By Beverly Unrath, Vice President

Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care, Inc.

Office:  701.663.5373




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