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How Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care got started!


May 8, 2013

The story behind how Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care got started

 Heidi (Rooney) Gress was diagnosed with “Locked in Syndrome” following a stroke in 2010. Individuals with Locked in Syndrome are almost completely paralyzed but able to think and feel normally. Usually, they are unable to communicate with the outside world other than with eye movements.

After two years of hospitalization and nursing home placement, Heidi’s family was determined to bring her home to her husband and four children, at that time ages 9-14. They were in desperate need of home health services in order to be able to do it. They contacted many ND home health agencies, but not one was able to provide Heidi with the skilled nursing care she required. Heather Rooney, Heidi’s sister, is a longtime friend of Jamie Fleck, RN and owner of Dakota Travel Nurse (DTN). She suggested that her family call Jamie to ask if she could help.

Jamie made it her personal mission to get Heidi home. She hired Judy Dalzell, an RN with more than 10 years of experience in home healthcare, and together they did the work necessary to get DTN licensed as a home healthcare agency.

Heidi returned home to her family with the licensed services and support of Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care in July of 2012. Three months later, Heather reported on Heidi’s Caring Bridge site, “Heidi has been doing very well at home with the care of her family and her fantastic nursing staff. She is SO happy being at home. You can see such a change in her being there…so much more at ease…so many more smiles and laughs…and quite a bit less crying and asking when she gets to go home!  She has some PHENOMENAL nurses that have been a gift from God. They are exceptional in the care that they give Heidi and they treat the family just like that…family. We couldn’t ask for better people to take care of her.”

Dakota Travel Nurse Home Care was licensed by the North Dakota Department of Health in July 2012.  Owned and operated by Jamie Fleck, RN, they are located in Mandan, ND. DTN Home Care specializes in providing skilled nursing care to patients with high-acuity needs. Some examples of skilled nursing care are assistance with an iv, g-tube, tracheotomy, open wound, or ventilator. DTN Home Care also provides post-surgical, respite, and companion care that can be an alternative to hospitalization or nursing home placement. Services can be provided around-the-clock or on an as-needed basis.

To inquire about home healthcare for yourself or a loved one, call 701.663.5373.

(See more of Heidi’s story at www.caringbridge.com, HeidiGress.)




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